Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Can Hardly Wait

Clint is going away next weekend on a youth-type retreat, snowboarding.
Drew is going away next weekend on a youth retreat, snowboarding.

And I am going away next weekend to Winnipeg! Where I will not be snowboarding.
I'm going to visit my friend, Vern.
And to see the new twins.

Even though I will be gone less than 48 hours, I can hardly wait.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. All day long I kept thinking it was Thursday. And Thursday is my favorite day of the week. So, how lucky am I? This week it'll be like I got two Thursdays.
2. West Jet has a 24 hour "Super Service" line. Where an actual person talks to you. I called and made my reservations at 11 pm. And it was awesome.
3. My facebook status earlier this evening was "Jane needs some sound financial advice" and NO LIE, one minute later I get a phone call from someone NOT on facebook saying, "On Saturday morning, there will be a financial expert at our church, doing a 4 hour seminar. Interested?" It was the most random phone call about a topic her and I have never discussed. God moments are so cool


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Karyn said...

Number 3 is called the principle of Synchronicity, when highly implausible things happen. I learned that in theories of can you tell my life is consumed by school...