Friday, February 27, 2009

I am A Schmuck

On Wednesday evening, John, Val and Jesse called and asked if they could drop in and stay for night. They were on their way home from the Vancouver airport and there was a blizzard and they were 5 minutes away and could they come?

I said no. "Go to my mom's place. She's got room and bedding and clean bathrooms..."

Of course I've been feeling guilty ever since because Jesus would have told them to come. He would have made it fun. He wouldn't have worried about a lack of clean bedding or towels.

By the way, they did make it home safe. Thank goodness. Can you imagine how I'd feel if they hadn't?


Carolyn and I went to Regent College tonight for a book launch and free public lecture. Many other people were going to Vancouver as well; there was a Canuck's game, a Giant's game and it was Friday night.
What made it all worthwhile was the Midnight Madness Sale the bookstore was having. Up to 75% off on books. Yeah. So I bought 14 titles.


I have to be back in Vancouver before 8 am tomorrow. Which is Saturday. Why can't Arrow special events start at like, noon?
And it's a hair day.
Meaning it has to be washed.
Is there any point in me going to bed tonight?
Feels like I'm going to have to get up in a few hours anyways.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Drew's pain level is 4 out of 10 these days. I am in awe of how a body heals.
2. The 3 hours we spent driving to and from Vancouver FLEW by. I think I talked too much. Thanks for listening, C.
3. Did I mention the books? I love books.


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Anonymous said...

DO NOT FEEL BAD! We love you and we are fine. Hope to see you soon. I will be thinking about you tomorrow night. We serve a faithful God.