Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Day Jane Will ...

According to Google;

One day Jane will make sure everything works the way she wants. She'll just have to grow up first! At school, Jane usually gets straight As. Jane has a goal ...

One day Jane will actively and willingly accept that she has the power to dominate our relationship.

One day Jane will be too old and frail for a young man like you, you'd better get used to tradin' them in for younger models. Its a cruel world, ...

Maybe one day Jane will come to love and admire her younger brother as much as I do mine.

Maybe one day Jane will finally love her.

One day Jane will (probably, unless her Big Shiny Destiny is something else) go to war. If she's lucky she'll come home again, but she won't be the same. ...


Good gravy.
What does google say YOUR name will do?
Type -"What will NAME do" in the search bar. Don't forget the " " 's.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

Only 4 results came up for me. My favorite, "One day Tricia will take us to Canada."
YES! I must obey the google god.