Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Know What's Crappy?

Living in a house where no one talks.
No, really.
No conversation AT ALL.

I've been home since 5 pm.
Maybe three sentences have been said, total. In 8 hours.

I can clear a room of all human life forms simply by entering it. "Oh no, here she comes. Quick, I must leave. She's going to want to talk. That's it....start moving before she has a chance to ask how my day was. Or how I feel. Shudder. Must. Go. To. My. Room."

Now that they all have laptops, they each sit in their own bedroom with their laptops glowing and humming. For hours and hours and hours. You'd think the novelty of having a laptop would wear off, wouldn't you? You'd think that eventually, you'd rather want to watch DVD's on the big screen in the family room with surround sound on Blu Ray with your mom, wouldn't you? You'd think that, at some point, rather than staring at a screen in your bedroom, you'd choose to engage in conversation, make a craft, build a model, bake a cake, jump on the trampoline, look for a job, do some homework, give your mom a hug, paint a picture, clean the bathroom, something. Anything.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I'm going to a taping of Marriage Unsencored on Wednesday night. The speaker is Dr. Kevin Leaman and his first session is going to be on Single Parenting. I am going to learn SO much. You and the people I live with are going to be amazed.

2. Two months worth of mail was dealt with tonight. All the bills are paid. Just about ready to file my taxes. Still. I think I would have rather talked to someone I gave birth to.

3. God and my mom love me.


Tricia said...

Sounds like my house....its not all that different than living alone.

Shannon said...

I love you too!!!

And someday, when it won't matter that I'm home late or when I have a place to crash in Langley, I'll come over and we can chat. In your house. Oh! And I promise we can talk about more than one thing ;)

Anonymous said...

Tell you boys that the good news is...they will have no problem making the transition into a nursing home.

Anonymous said...

That last comment was funny. You are welcome to hang out with Virginia for a night. She asks more questions than any one I've ever met. EVER. I might even be open to trading places for an evening. . .

Christine Lindsay said...

I love you too, but someone already beat me to that line. Will pray for you. Don't worry, they will come back. Like a broken record, I squeak on. "They will come back. They will talk to you one day. Just not for a while." It's disgusting, but it's normal.