Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sometimes It's Just Plain Embarassing:

This arrived in my email inbox today:

", a brand new Faith Based Social Network intended to be a Christian Facebook Alternative launches this week with much excitement. Soft launch began at the beginning of October 2008 and already more than 5000 have flocked to the new website. FaithOut is a faith based social utility that connects people around their church, ministry, region, school or workplace. Users can upload all their favorite photos, tag their friends and family, share videos and music and find others around similar spiritual interests.

"There is enormous potential for FaithOut to bridge the gap not only between peoples online social activities (blogging, photo sharing, messaging), but between individuals, churches, groups and ministries that all connect in one way or another offline." says Robbie Davidson, FaithOut Technology Architect.

Social networking is where the church must go. "

Say WUT?
Christian Facebook Alternative?
A social networking tool for Christians only?
Are they implying that Jesus wouldn't be on Facebook? He would have waited for (designed?) a faith-based networking system to be a part of?

I guess all those folks who only listen to Christian music, only read Christian historical romance novels, (or Tolkein & CS Lewis), only have Christian friends, and only eat Christian food, will be all over this.



Anonymous said...

There's christian food?

No one told me this. Spill, woman.

Uh, can it include chocolate please? And Welch's grape juice?


raych said...

*Smacks. Self. In. Face.*