Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Look if YOu're SquEAmisH

Pic of Clint's eye, healing:

(And in case you were wondering 'bout the deets -{details} he was involved in a 'dance off' - and he was going for his signature WOW move, which is a standing back-flip. He was vertical - feet in the air, head straight down and neck craned back (important so that you can see where you're landing) when someone 'bumped' into him, stopping his rotation, forcing him to drop straight to the floor, head first, landing on his eye-socket/forehead.)


Anonymous said...

Clint was mentioned in this article:

Jane said...

Yeah, my boy was mentioned in the above article.

If you follow the link, just thought I'd warn you that the language in it is not squeaky clean.