Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Day

So, the Canuck's won?
I missed almost all of the game because of the timing.
Evening games just don't work with my schedule which is booked solid from 6:30 - 9:00 pm everynight.
I was feeling a little bit cranky when I left the house this evening. (Good lord, how did I do this for 5 months last year?) I've had 6 invitations to walk or go out for coffee this week because, hello? It's Springtime. And it's warm. And it's what I do.
Wanting to make my visit with dad special, regardless of my attitude, I stopped at DQ and got us both child-sized strawberry sundaes: When I got up to his room, I was the one who was pleasantly surprised though ... an old friend from our diaper days (early '60's) was there, chatting with my dad. Glenn J (rhymes with Krantzen) stopped by this evening after visiting with his grandma who is in a care home in Vancouver. What a treat to catch up with someone who's life is so very different from mine.
The atmosphere in the whole room was festive. Maureen's son was visiting and he had the Canuck's game on and while I was there, the Canuck's scored their 3rd goal. So. Yeah.
Shame on me for being a bag fart.
Once again, I'm glad I went.
However, with me needing my truck every evening, this is a rare occurance:

He's gone on one 15 minute solo ride. Poor guy.
Three Things I'm Thankful For:
1. Pink geraniums:

2. And matching books:

(The cover on this book is fuzzy. Like velveteen. Or spray-on-flocking available on the far wall on the craft side at Billies 10 years ago.)
I'm not sure if I'll make it through the whole book. It's Clint's. It's about the ninja's, the future, a pipeline, a Go-Away War and big trucks (think Road Warrior with Mel Gibson). (And speaking of Mel ... what the heck??? His wife is filing for divorce? He has a 16-years-younger-than-him girlfriend? They've been seeing each other for 3 years? You have NO idea how this saddens me. His interview (in the People Magazine, of course) when he was the sexiest man in the whole entire universe quoted him as saying, "It doesn't matter to me what "women" think of me. I only care what one woman - my wife - thinks. Her's is the only opinion that matters. What happened. Mel? Oh Mel? Lethal Weapon Mel - where did you go?)
I'm going to try reading it all the way to the end without skipping any slow parts, but so far, everyday after work, when I treat myself to half an hour on a lawn chair in the sun, I fall asleep after reading 3 pages.
I'm getting a tan, but not making much progress on the book.
I love the colours of it.
3. Drew and I love this new snack that was being demo-ed at Costco:

Cream Cheese.
Sweet Chili Sauce.



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