Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jesse and Sharalin get married...

Julia, putting the coursage on Sheralin's grandma: Clint, a groomsman, doing his first ever aisle walk:
The bridesmaids:

Gettin hitched:

He may now kiss his bride:


Mr and Mrs Jesse Wegenast:

The Wedding Cake:

Kissing again:

Still ...

Cutting the cake:

Another kiss for good measure:

Gloria - this group shot is for you.:

So is this one:

Clint and Brendan:

The Oulah's:

Johnny and Karen's oldest daughter:

The newlyweds, out for a stroll:

Hanging with Jesse's grandparents:

Jesse and Sharalin with a bubble machine in the background:

Time for another kiss:

Sharalin and her flower girl:

Sharalin and the photogenic one in the family, Kalysta:

Jesse and Sharalin with Oma and Opa:

Stuart and Vanessa, one more month to go, then we'll do this all over again for their wedding:

Johnny and his littlest one:

J & S with John and Val:

Aunt Agatha with Dallas and James:

Landon and Kohl:

Johnny and Karen's youngest, Kiyah:

Mutt and Jeff: (aka Jesse and Clint)

Head table at the reception, the single guys:

Vanessa demonstrating the lack of carteledge in her nose

James and Julia (expecting their first child in September):
Sharalin and friends:


The crowd was chanting, "teeth, teeth, teeth"...

The garder toss:

Catching the bouquet:

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valerie said...

Thanks for the photos Jane! Loved sitting with you and catching up.