Sunday, April 12, 2009


A very quiet rainy day here at the O home.
I woke up with all those things at the back of one's throat so swollen I couldn't swallow.
Clint spent the day in his room on his laptop; I read a trashy novel that was signed by the author.
It said,
"Dear Jane, Good luck with that blog of yours. Jenny Crusie"

I made us a ham and scalloped potato dinner which we ate at the kitchen table. It took 4 minutes to finish.
He left for the evening right after that.
He forgot the cord to our DVD player at the reception yesterday, and the other two took the x-box (with it's DVD-playing capacity) to Sunpeaks, so watching a movie was out of the question.
I've spent the evening coughing, blog surfing and regretting reading that trashy novel with it's happily ever after ending.
I liked Easter alot more in the olden days of my life.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness
2. I've sure got alot of Ham and Scalloped potatoes leftovers.
3. I'm thankful for another crappy holiday? Maybe if I have enough of them in a row, I'll do something about it? Maybe I'll make some changes in my life? Maybe God is trying to tell me something? Maybe I need to open my house to people who like having long conversations over dinner tables, and who like to play table games, or watch movies together? Maybe I need to be more open to new relationships or new ministries or get another part time job? Maybe all this free time is really a gift and I'm supposed to be thankful for the 'down time'? Maybe, because of those swollen dangly things at the back of my throat, it's a good thing I had a boring day? Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow?


Anonymous said...


You ok?
Love September

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhhh, I get it. You got tired of feeling crappy about Easter so you hopped on a plane to visit the couple in Mexico from last year. Nice!

Did you get a little package in the mail from a little birdie who thinks you're great?
:) September again, and I will inter-stalk you until I make sure you haven't fallen and you can't get up.
Go read the four things I don't understand on my blog. If nothing else, it'll make you feel smarter than me...