Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh Yeah

Canuck's won.
Four in a row.

On to round 2.


Last fall, Arrow put on a one day seminar that was open to the public (not a common occurance) and one of the worksheets we handed out was a list of 160 positive qualities. Attendees were to think of a person (coworker, family member, etc) and circle all the words that described that person. (ie - gutsy, nurturing, scholastic , adaptable, detail-oriented, helpful, optimistic etc).

I took a few copies of the list.
And on Max's birthday, gave a sheet to both Clint and Drew - and each of us circled the words we thought best described Max. (Then, on the lines provided on the side, we were to fill in the top 5 words that summed up Max.)
He was not particularly interested in those pages and can't even remember reading them.

Today was Clint's birthday, so I pulled out those sheets again, and this time, Drew and Max (and Mandi too) were to circle the words. They grumbled, mocked, didn't do it correctly and grudgingly handed them to Clint, saying, "Happy Birthday. This is your gift."

Clint read each page over carefully and asked for clarification on some of our opinions (Max thought Clint was "festive"... I circled "spiritual") and in the end, he folded them up and said thank you.

After we all finished our steak and King crab, devoured the Billy Miner Pie and sucked back the last drop of our rootbeers, we got up to leave.
"Clint, here, you forgot this." I handed him the card I bought him. (He had admired the April page of the calendar by my desk, so I gave him a note card with the same image on it...)
"It's just the card. THIS is what is valuable to me" and he held up those affirmation pages.

I like 22 year olds.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. A lovely two hour meal.
2. Lots of good things on the horizon.
3. Hope.


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