Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Drama Queen Lives On

From my work affirmation thingy last Thursday night:
"If anyone in the Arrow office holds he world record of embracing more of life's challenges that anyone we know, it's you Jane." ...

After the certificate had been handed to me, one of the newer board members, whom I had just met for the first time, said to me, "I'm interested to know your story. It sounds like you've had alot of obstacles to overcome..."
That embarassed me. "Actually, I've had a pretty good life. I'm just a drama queen whenever things don't go as planned," I responded.

Yeesh. How awful. To be known as the one who has a challenging life.
Honestly. I just want to be a princess. Not some feminist who swashbuckles her way through challenges.

This afternoon I was sitting at my dining room table praying my little heart out for Max when the phone rang.
It was Max, on his way home from Osoyoos.
They were in an accident on the curved bit of highway near Princeton and he was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital to get x-rays.
A few hours later, another call.
He's fine. But the car was undrivable, so they are getting a ride back into Langley with the tow truck driver.
You know what?
Being a mother is The Absolute Hardest Job on the Planet.
And that's pretty much all I've got to say about the whole incident.

Except to say that the time period before a holiday should be one of joyful anticipation. And this? This last week?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Max and Brian are OK
2. A fun dinner with Daryl, Jule, Mandi, Drew, Clint, Mom and Dad.
3. Friends who are gracious to drive me and my kids to the airport. Friends who are OK with watering my geraniums. Friends who are praying for my kids. Friends.



ramblin'andie said...

Wow. Kinda makes you wonder if he had the throat issues so you would already be praying when he had his accident. Can you imagine the angels conversation? "Hmn, Max is going to need some extra battles fought tonight, how do you think we can make sure he's got someone praying for him, oh hey, I know..."

I'm glad he's okay too.

Jane said...

Andie? You are awesome.

Your "angel conversation" reminded me of the ones in 'this present darkness/piercing the darkness' books.


Tricia said...

Being a mother is the hardest job....and your job does seems to be more challenging than most. I'm to glad Max is ok.

Anonymous said...

Jane, Jane, Jane,......Do you ever picture yourself as "Gumby" being streched and molded. Resilience is a good taffy. Love Ya. Rozann