Sunday, June 21, 2009

Midnight In the Garage

Drew is paying off a portion of his debt to his dad by babysitting his lil brother one evening a week all summer long.

Saturday night was date night for his dad and step mom, so Drew was at their place til midnight.
When he got home, he absolutely needed to replace the battery in his car to see if it would start. These things are important to car owners.

He forgot what his dad said about black and red.
So I googled "how to replace a car battery" and we went from there.
Here he is, the first of many nights I'm sure, tinkering under the hood.

Gotter in.

But will it start?

Turn the key in the ignition ...

And, yes. She's purring like a kitten.

That's a satisfied look on my boy's face:

Maybe even happy.

Feeling good:

His favorite car feature?
Headlights that open their eyes at night:

Yeah. He's growing up.

It's Sunday.
I'm leaving for New York in 2 sleeps.
It's been 10 days since Clint let me know he was having passport issues, so I went from planning the fun details of the trip (pre-ordering tickets for events and googling "things to do") to frantically figuring out how to get my kid across the border. It's been exhausting. And not much fun. Trust me when I say we've explored and discussed every conceivable (and not-so-conceivable) option available.
Max just phoned me from Osoyoos.
"Can you take me to a clinic when I get home tonight?"
"What happened?"
"That dangly thing at the back of my throat is swollen to three times its normal size. I can't swallow."
I've been googling "Clinics in Osoyoos" to see if he can zip over there this afternoon before he drives home - but not a single medical clinic is open over the weekend. And I kinda don't think I'll find a clinic open 'round here after 9 pm.
So tomorrow, while Clint is at the Brazilian embassy again for the second time pleading with them to return his passport, I will be getting Max's dangly thing looked at.
Drew will probably be sitting in his car, smiling.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Happy Father's Day, dad. Love you.
2. Forgiveness and grace.
3. Online sermons.

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