Friday, June 12, 2009

Manhattan or Harlem?

Do you know that almost all hotels in downtown New York have a maximum capacity of 2 adults per room? I've been trying my darndest to find something suitable to the four of us and was getting no where.

So I went to Vacation Rentals by Owner and have 2 options.

This place is in downtown Manhattan right in the centre of all the action. Just about everything you would want to see is within walking distance.

But the room is a little tiny: The living room/bedroom/kitchen/entrance is 11 x 15. That's the bed in the foreground (right at the bottom of the picture.) The sofa opens up to a bed. We'd be sleeping very close to each other and I'm not sure where we'd put our luggage.
This is the building: (it has a roof top patio we can sit on...)

For the exact same price, we can stay in this brownstone in Harlem, which is a 20 minute subway ride to were ever we want to go:
It is the street level of a 4 level home. (The young family who owns the brownstone live in the top three floors above the suite.) It is much larger, with 2 bedrooms and a livingroom and a kitchen. Sample bedroom:

I'll put up a 24 hour poll over to the left. What would YOU do?
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. We're going to New York! In 12 days. Ackk.
2. I'm celebrating my birthday AGAIN on Friday night with some more friends, YAY for friends. YAY for birthdays.
3. Carolyn's daughter is getting married this summer. We're having a bridal shower for her on Saturday night. YAY for getting together with Murrayville friends!


Robin said...

Hi Jane: This is Shannon's Mom! I would take the second place. After a few days together you might need the space.

Anonymous said...

I agree...the second place.