Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alaska Images in no particular order. Thanks Max for letting me use your laptop.

Dad. Being silly with his hair:A typical Alaskan port:
Just kinda liked this:
Our hallway on ship:
See this fruit?
You can dip it into white, dark, or milk chocolate:
Left to right - Art, Anne, Hildegarde, Dad, Mom, Lena
Drew looking dapper for formal night:
Art helping Drew with a tie. (Art had an extra one along, thank goodness...)
Bros. One not too happy about being photographed:
Hil and Hil, BFF's:
And again:
Dad, winking at me:
Playing SkipBo:
Dad on the deck:
That's a real boat. With people on it. Looks like a toy:
Lunch on the Lido deck:
I wasn't expecting the water to be this colour:
Dad, wrapped in a blanket, on his deck, checking out the glacier:
Hilda-garden on her adjoining deck:
Rugged coastline:
Love it:
Dad and mom checking out the wall of ice:
Blue wall of ice:

See that splash in the middle of the pic? That's when a piece breaks off and falls in the water. It's called calving (sp?) and it's LOUD. And impressive.

We are on the top level of a HUGE ship - and look how big that ice cube is!

After that couple finished taking their pics from that stack of loungers, I hopped up.
My favorite deck to hang out on:
More SkipBo:
And more:

Fresh orchids on every table:
Mandi and Drew played alot of cards:
Max's fav spot, the library:
Another shot of my fav spot:

I bought dad that pinky ring in Skagway. He thanked me a million times. And he looked at it every few seconds:

Skagway was quaint:
When I saw this building, I thought of my dad. And Billie's. And my mom. And lots of things:

Every time we stopped in a port, they painted the boat:

Towel creatures:
Max in the library:

Mandi on my fav deck:
In Juneau, Mandi agreed to hang out with me for a few hours, so we took the tram to the top of the local mountain and then did a .5k hike:

This is what our ship looks like from above:

The ship in the foreground is a Princess Cruise vessel:


Anne and Mom:
Dad, catching some rays:
Mandi, doing things her own way:
Ice bergs:

Las Vegas style shows every night:

The veriest top deck, a basketball court:

Getting ready for our mandatory life boat drill:

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Awesome memories
2. My dad and mom have incredible friends. Thanks, Art, Anne, Hildegarde and Lena for your help and love.
3. A sweet niece who did not mention my snoring once. (Mind you, my snoring was probably nothing compared to the noises I made being sick on that last day...)



Tricia said...

Your dad makes me smile, he has mischief in his eyes :)

Christine Lindsay said...

I hope you're feeling better. The pics look great. Fantastic ones of the icebergs.