Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally. Silence...

I moved out to the backyard, and closed all the doors and windows. He is my son and I love him but. I am just a woman. And really. ENougH is enOUGh.

Last night was a short one. Clint was packing and his brothers were with their dad in Seattle at the Greenday concert. They got back at 2:30 am and Drew had a few things to say about the experience. By 3:30 the house had quietened down and I slept.

Shortly after 8 Jule called. She was on her way to buzz Clint's head (what is with him and this need to do weird things with his hair before he leaves for foreign lands?) and wanted to make sure we were up.

By 9:15 Clint and I were on our way to the airport - he's off to Paraguay and Brazil til early August ... another videography gig with MBMSI. This is their video site. I bought him brunch then watched til he went through security.

From there I made my way to Surrey and picked up my dad and mom. We sat for three hours at the hospital, waiting for my mom's ankle to be re-xrayed. Then we went to the mall for a bite to eat, and to get their banking done as well as buy a few groceries.

Once we got back to their place I put the fruit in the fridge and watered the geraniums before heading home to my awesome children.

Max has been gone all evening and Drew?
Drew has been yelling into his head set for hours and hours. He's playing XBox Live and for some reason has to comment on every kill and force-laugh at every miss. In A Loud Voice. And it's like 5 phrases OVER AND OVER AGAIN while facebook chatting and MSNing and emailing anyone he may or may not know online and all I want to do is scream, Please. For the Love of Mud - STOP TALKING. AND LET ME USE MY OWN LAPTOP so that all the thousands and thousands of words that are crowding my brain can be released onto a moniter so I can see them.

He wasn't having any of that, so I moved outside and read this:
Want to know what happens in the first 15 pages?
June and her husband and 2 year old daugher, Elizabeth are in a car accident. Her husband dies and the policeman who arrives at the scene to help them ends up becoming her incredible second husband.
When Elizabeth is 7, and she is 8 months pregnant with another daughter, the carpenter they hired to finish an addition to their house murders both her policeman-husband and Elizabeth.
The carpenter is charged and convicted and is given the death sentence.
The story takes place 11 years later when all the appeals have been denied and the carpenter is 2 months away from his execution date.
June's 11 year old daughter? Is dying. She needs a heart transplant.
The carpenter/murderer wants to donate his. It's a perfect match.
And that's what the book is about.
The story is told from 4 points of view:
1. The inmate in the cell beside his
2. A rabbi/father who becomes his spiritual adviser
3. The lawyer who has issues with death sentences
4. June - the mom
This? Was not light summer reading on the back patio. The more I read, the more I wanted to get drunk. (Just kidding kids. I don't drink.)
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. According to his Facebook status updates, Clint has made it to Chicago OK. The next leg of his trip will take 12 hours and that will get him to Sao Paulo. From there he hops on a plane to Paraguay. He should arrive at his final destination sometime tomorrow evening. Yeah. Traveling aint all that glamorous in the end. (He was nervous about this trip, and hoping folks will be praying for him over the next 5 weeks. So this is me, asking you, if you remember, could you say a prayer for my boy?)
2. Mom's ankle is on the mend. It's "tacky and connecting in the right places". She'll need to wear the cast for another month and it'll take up to a year for her to feel normal - but at least it's healing. Thank you for praying.
3. After I left them, Julie and Daryl took dad and mom out for dinner. So thankful I have a sister.

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Anonymous said...

That plot makes me want to throw up a little. Please, please tell me it isn't based on a true story. Except for the part about the cop becoming her amazing husband because, yeah, dish me up some of THAT. Get a bowl for yourself if you want while you're at it.