Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've got a crush on Addicus Finch

In between weeding and watering, I read this for the first time:
I have the worst work ethic in the world. I'd read 3 chapters, then pull weeds for 10 minutes. Then I'd go inside, have a glass of water, check Facebook to see if Clint had updated (he's in Winnipeg for a few days) then go back outside and start all over by reading 3 chapters...
In the end, I read an awesome book, know exactly what to look for in my next spouse (someone just like Atticus), got half my yard weeded, watered and dead-headed and know what everyone, except my own kids, did today.
Traditionally, July 1 was the official day that summers-at-the-lake began. Those days are over. For now, at least.
Yeah, I'm kinda sad about that. But maybe that's how things are supposed to be? Just as your kids are becoming independent, your parents need you more and more ... it's that circle of life thing. It's a good thing that this summer, with mom not being able to drive, I have the freedom to give them a hand. I've entered a different season of life - this is me, embracing it. :)
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The basket of peaches sitting right beside me on the counter. They smell soooo good.
2. Mom's ankle is on the mend. So thankful that Jule has been able to look after them this past week.
3. Clint has "given" Max his truck for the summer. (Clint will be gone til school starts in the fall, so Max now has wheels to get himself back and forth to work.)
4. Just picked up Drew who spent the day at the Canada Day "fair and fireworks show"... his enthusiasm and joy for life is infectious.


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Christine Lindsay said...

Yay !!!! You read one of my top favorite books. Me too, I love Atticus Finch. Now that you've read the book, you have to watch the movie. It's very close to the book, and the reason is, is that the main actor---Gregory Peck---also loved the book and wanted it to be as close to what the author had written. I love the book and the movie equally. :) :) :)