Saturday, July 11, 2009

Those books I bought to read on the cruise?

Yeah, about that.
I just finished one of 'em.
I think, for the first time ever, when I was at Chapters earlier this week, a woman about my age, maybe 10 - 15 years younger, asked me if I needed help,
"I'm going on a holiday next week and was looking for something to read."
"Are you open to suggestions? Or do you know what you're looking for?"
And this is the part that is SO NOT like me - "Sure, what would you recommend?"
She asked me if I'd read 4 - 5 books she listed and when I said yes to them all, she suggested that I'd love this one: It's set in Jackson, Mississippi in 1960 and was written by a first time author.
"Don't you just love the first book a new writer writes? They're always SO good. Probably because they work on that story for years and years. I think you'll love this one. I did."
So I bought it. And she's right. I do love it.
She also suggested/gushed over another book - which I was going to buy anyways because it's the book we'll be discussing at our next book club meeting. Maybe I should forget about sleeping and just read that one tonight too.


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Rebekah Joy Plett said...

I loooooooove the cover of this book!