Saturday, August 8, 2009

And it all started with a blog...

I liked this movie. And would love to see it again sometime, from a seat NOT in the veriest front row. Jeesh.

It seems like it's a cooking movie, no? And it kinda is. It's about Julia Child, so obviously it's about cooking. French cooking. French cooking for the servantless.
But what I found so very fascinating was the literary aspect of it all. You know, that whole writing a cookbook thing. (Julia) And writing a blog thing. (Julie)
And now I've made it sound like the most boring movie ever... cooking and writing.
It's also about relationships (friendships, partnerships, and marriages).
Does that help? Not so much? You'd rather poke out your eye than watch some conflictless chick flick? Sorry.
I found it inspiring. For example, I really want to try Julia's Beef Stew with Bacon, Onions and Wine. And I really want to take blogging more seriously. I think I'll start another one. One with purpose this time. One with a goal. One with a theme. Julie went from Blog to Book to Movie in 3 easy steps.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Movies based on true stories that give you a push to step it up a notch.
2. Friends who don't mind sitting in the front row with you.
3. A boring afternoon where I got some more weeding done. How come I have so many weeds? How many hours do you spend weeding per week? (I have 3 garbage cans full of weeds. And still half the yard to do. That seems excessive, does it not?)

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