Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm A Winner!

Praise 106.5 is the radio station I listen to online at work. I happen to like those 6 songs they play over and over again all day.

"I have two 'front row' tickets to the Gaithers Concert on August 21 for the 12th caller in."

I saw this concert being advertised a few months ago when I checked out the concert lineup for this year's Northwest Washington Fair. I thought that my dad and mom would probably enjoy it -and seeing the concert was taking place on the day before their 50th Wedding Anniversary, I thought it'd make a nice gift. I didn't act on that thought because I've been busy.

So, now, they're giving tickets away.

I waited til he mentioned the phone number and prepared to write it down.

Know what?

I'm getting old.

If someone tells me their phone number reallyquicklywithnobreakswhereIthinkthereshouldbebreaks, I get lost in the numbers. And so I got lost in the numbers.

"Oh well. I can always buy tickets." I said to myself.

"You may not be wanting these tickets for yourself," the DJ says, "maybe your parents, or aunt and uncle would appreciate them....The Gaithers have been around for years, and the show should be wonderful... blah, blah, blah... I have a pair of tickets for the 12th caller in ...."

The DJ just keeps on talking and I'm thinking to myself, "His phones must not have all lit up when he mentioned the contest. He's still trying to encourage callers...."

"So, call in now. Twelveth caller gets two tickets. And the number again, is: ..."

This time I copy the number down correctly, so I take a deep breath a punch 10 digits into my phone.


Half-way through the first ring, "Hi! Congratulations! You're the 12th caller!"

"Oh. Wow."

"You've won the tickets!"

"That's great."

"Ummm. Are you sure you want them? I don't want to force them on you."

I'm listening to him with my left ear and the radio station with my right ear. I DO NOT want to be on the air. There is a commercial for farm equipment playing, so I know I'm not live and I give him my full attention. "Yes, I definitely want them. I won them for my parents- it's their 50th wedding anniversary that weekend and I think they'd love the concert."

"That's wonderful. What's your name?"



"Do you have a last name, Jane?"

"I'll spell it for you; O ........"

"Hey! I know you! You work at Arrow!"

It's Marv, whom I have bought advertising space from 3 times in the past 5 years. This is awkward.

I respond, "Hi Marv. Yeah, it's me. Winning these tickets for my dad and mom..."

Anyway, if everyone has one shot at being a winner at least once in their life, I've used mine up winning Gaither tickets. Yay me, I hit the jackpot first time.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I was almost bored last night. But I thought I'd take a chance and invite Andrea to see a movie with me. SO glad I sucked it up and got in touch with her. Sometimes its hard, you know. Just to say, "hey, any chance you wanna see a movie?" Is it rejection I'm afraid of? Whatever. We went to see 500 Days of Summer. It's got that guy who played the kid on Third Rock from the Sun in it. I think it's the type of "romantic comedy" that my boys would be able to sit through.

2. Max's thumb is in a cast - he broke it at work on Friday. Thankful that he got it looked after.

3. Thankful for Drew's friend, John. I love his creative, artistic skills. I love that whenever these two get bored, they come up with awesome ideas utilizing both of their passions. I'm thankful for Clint's friends (Nick, Eric, Randall, Carly) who have been driving him around since he got back from Brazil. I'm thankful for my friends who see movies with me when I need to see movies.



ramblin'andie said...

YAY JANE! And didn't you know? When you enter something for altruistic reasons, you actually score another win for yourself. So now you have two. Just trust me on that one...

And I'm SO glad you asked me! I so needed to get out and have adult conversation (couldn't you tell from how moronic I was on the phone??) And for the record, the 500 voicemail, facebook, and phone messages saying "PLEASE TAKE ME OUT" were totally out of character for me. I promise I'll be much less needy next time.

Christine Lindsay said...

I just think it's so nice that you won. It'll give you a lot of pleasure to send your mum and dad. And nice for you to be recognized in such a positive way. :) It's all good.

Anonymous said...

Man, it SO not fair that I live so far away and miss out on all the fun.