Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Back in June Clint quit his job at the church and spent the summer traveling (vacations and mission trips.) At the beginning of September, he moved out of my home and into a basement suite in Abby near the university where he is now a full time student.

On Monday night, I stopped in to check out his new diggs and take him out for dinner.
This is his entrance.
Maybe not so grand. Here`s my boy:
He lives on a farm. There`s a tennis court he can play on if he wants to. (Complete with a basketball hoop, hockey nets at either end and a shed full of balls and sticks and misc equipment.)

And there`s a shop, (`just like Bups`s`) with woodworking tools and carworking tools:

And barns full of some sort of feathered birds. Ducks? Turkeys? Chickens? He has no idea.

The kitchen is efficient:

And the decorating eclectic:

The important thing is the media room...

This is the "front" room:

And his bedroom:

And this little guy lives upstairs:

After my tour, we went over to the House of James to listen to one of his prof's from last year, Ron Dart, speak on Social Justice and the Beatitudes. While I was there, I met Ward, the guy who has inspired Clint (through his cousin, Jesse) to help out with the city's homeless folk. (So far he has used his truck to help a heroin addict and a prostitute move their things into a new place.) Clint and Jesse are hoping to raise awareness of this ministry at UFV and I couldn't be prouder.
Eventually we did make it out for dinner (which was my purpose in going) minutes before Abbotsford closed down for the night.
You know? They grow up. And do things. And become the people God created them to be. It's awesome to watch.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. He's in a good place with great room mates and lots of room to move.
2. He's following his heart with this schooling thing... I'm glad he's doing it now while he has the freedom.
3. God's hand is all over that kid. I love that.

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