Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Reading

I dropped in to see my mom on Thursday and she handed me a book she'd just finished reading: I know!
She's still cooler than me.
Always has been.
I was busy on Thursday night, and Friday night, and Saturday til about 10 pm. So I started reading it then.
I finished it at 10 pm tonight.
Meyer is BRILLIANT at capturing that whole teenaged-angst-first-crush/love thing, eh? I'm guessing most female readers could identify with the insecuities that Bella had, especially those of us who are non-athletic, have self-image issues and have fallen for guys who are 'risks.' (I'm not saying my highschool love was a vampire or anything... just that he came from a world very different than mine; no Doerksens or Hildebrandts in his family tree. And when some of the basics, like how the sight of blood impacts you or who you think God is, are fundamentally opposite, someone eventually has to give up their position if the relationship is going to make it past the googly, giggly beginning stage and make it last into forever.)

I, like my mom, enjoyed the book, (maybe I even loved it) but felt a little guilty about the whole vampire thing. I'm sure the Christians who hated The DaVinci Code and Harry Potter also have issued warnings about this book. So what kind of Christian am I if I don't agree with them?

I wonder if I should suggest this book at my next book club meeting.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Max and Drew helped me clean out the garage this afternoon. Yay, my truck can park in there again. (And Shannon? We've moved your stuff into Clint's bedroom - he lives in Abby now.)
2. Absolutely PERFECT last Sunday of the summer. Twenty degrees. Clear. Sunny. Fresh. Lovely. Thank you God.
3. Miraculously, despite being obessed with finishing this book, I did manage to buy and put away the groceries and get all my laundry done. And there are no dishes soaking in the sink. Thankful that I can start the week with some of the big things checked off my to do list.


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glor said...

every girl in az has read this book, wears a tee-shirt or has a picture of the vampire on their binder. The author got her story line from a dream she had, but what makes it so popular is that she is LDS.