Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Now that I have a laptop, there are so many things I can do.
So many things I want to do.
So many things I complained all summer about because I couldn't do them.
And then Terry gave me a gift.
A book.
An 800 page book that is the continuation of a storyline that started 15 years ago. And I can't remember all the details in the previous 6 (1,000 page) books, so I skim through them, like references sources as I plod through this latest one.
And I'm lost in the year 1776 with Jamie and Claire in America. And at the same time, 1980 with Roger and Bree in Scotland.
And Rachel said the last 100 pages of this book are unbelievable and as soon as I've read them, I'm to contact her so we can email back and forth about it with exclamation marks in our sentences.
I'm just past page 200 and it's taking every spot of willpower I possess not to skip 500 pages and just spend the rest of the evening reading pages 700 to 800.

I burnt the rice tonight. It was on fire.
The dryer (with the broken timer) dried the same load for 5 hours.
I have to finish this book so I can get on with life.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The sweetest girls on the planet have contacted me recently about my sons. And how they're praying for them. Honestly. Would I have done that as a young woman? Seriously, some of you moms have raised outstanding daughters. Bless you. A thousand times, bless you.

2. Friends who've aren't afraid of paper cuts who've volunteered to help me stuff 2600 envelopes on Thursday. Truly, I have the best friends in the whole entire world.

3. I get to take pics of a favorite family of mine on Saturday. Anyone else want family pics for Christmas cards taken this weekend? The 9:30 am time slot is taken :)



Tricia said...

What is the book series called?

Anonymous said...

Yes Jane I would like the name of that series as well! Robin