Friday, October 2, 2009

Ta Dah

Today was the day.
Stuffing day.
2600 envelopes needed to be stuffed with an 8 page newsletter, a response device and a business reply envelope.
Fun, right?
I started at 8 this morning and finished just after midnight. Yeah, it was a long day. But totally awesome.
Well, it would have been awesomer is someone who lives with me would have said "Sure mom" instead of "no. I have to go to bed" when I asked for help loading everything back into my truck. Whatever.
Someday he'll have a kid that says "no" to him too and it'll all even out.
I'm not bitter.
I'll still be the giving, friendly, bend-over-backwards mom I've always been by tomorrow.
I rock like that.
My friends rock too.
Val brought a box of cookies. Ninety of them:

Soft, chewy goodness from Sugar Plum bakery.
Marj brought her daughter.
And she helped. Willingly, with a smile.
I love girls.
Know why?
(Besides them helping me stuff envelopes.)
Because of these:

She is wearing leopard-skin tight-thingys under her jeans.
She and her friends from Bible School bought one pair and THEY EACH GET POSSESSION OF THEM FOR ONE MONTH. After that month is up, they send them to the next person.
Just like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. WHICH I LOVED.
I know!
Sooooo cool, no?
The "rule" is they have to wear them once in the month, so that they're visible, and then send them on. And she chose to wear them TO MY HOUSE. It just made the whole stuffing "event" feel special. Like we were 'traveling tights worthy'....

Oh, and she has a tatoo on her foot too:

Andrea brought Davey and Tink to hang out this afternoon too:

By 5 or so everyone left and I noticed another 600 USA-destined envelopes still needing attention. So I sat on my living room couch, and with my laptop hooked up to speakers, my fireplace on, and Season One of Reba close at hand, I folded, stuffed, stuffed and stuffed while laughing and crying at Reba's totally disfunctional family.

Long day, but it's done.
Thank you Val, Marj, Tanya, Andrea, Davey and Tink for spending the afternoon with me. You guys helped make a boring job alot of fun.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. How small the world is once you start talking to the people who live in it.
2. Friends who sacrifice an afternoon to hang out getting paper cuts. And a mom who labeled all the Canadian envelopes for me. I am spoiled. And blessed.
3. Today was Thursday! I love Thursdays.


valerie said...

I had a great time. Sign me up for the next one!

Anonymous said...

Ha, if I lived closer I'd come, but I'd go all efficiency-nerd on you all and be giving you tips for how you could work faster. By the end of the day, everyone would hate me and then we'd notice that in all the envelopes I stuffed, I actually put the address information facing the wrong way or missed the response card in all of them or something horrible. Yup. Too bad I'm not closer.