Monday, September 7, 2009

Perfect Sunday Evening

"I've seen it already."
"You have?"
"Yeah. I've seen all his movies. I dreamt about him a few weeks ago."
"Don't even want to know..."
"He asked me to pray for him."

I'm at the video store with Drew and his friends, picking out a Heath Ledger movie. It was dicey as to whether or not they'd let me rent it, as I've left my purse at the cabin with all 76 cards inside it. So instead of bringing my Rogers card, or my driver's license, I brought in my gas bill and passport.

It was raining like stink, but still summer, so with the windows open, and Heath on the TV, I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

It was good.

After the movie ended, at say, midnight or so, when most people would be thinking about going to bed, the guys decided to play taste-test roulette (challenge each other to try weird assortments of various condiments/spices/fuzzy things from my cupboards and fridge) and I read a book:
It was about a particular Labor Day weekend in a 13 year old boy's life, involving kidnapping and puberty. Aside from the fact the I was actually reading it on my own Labor Day weekend (and part of the storyline had to do with going to Prince Edward Island) (which was goose-pimply all in itself) the story echoed the article I'd recently read in the People magazine about that girl, Jaycee, who had been kidnapped 18 years ago and was found. She had 2 daughters with her kidnapper who kept them in tents and sheds in his backyard. (That girl was 11 when she was kidnapped, 14 when she had her first daughter and 17 when she had her second one. SHUDDER.)
Kidnappers have power. And they prey on the weak.
In the book, it took, like 18 years for things to resolve, for people to be healed and for the happy ending to happen.
I have a feeling it might take that long for Jaycee and her daughters as well.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I've had a good summer.
2. Rain this weekend is making the transition to fall easier.
3. The way God speaks to me through the Bible.

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