Sunday, September 6, 2009

Too Quiet

So, for the first time since the May long weekend, I'm at the cabin (actually made it INSIDE this time) for an overnighter. By myself.

As I was packing to come here, Clint and Drew and some of their friends were planning on joining me. But when I put the rubbermaid containers into my truck, they changed their minds.

So here I am with a week's worth of groceries (or one night's worth if there are 7 of you) and 20 books. (I stopped at Nuggets Used Book Store to use the gift certificate Andrea gave me in June and picked up some classics as well as an unknown, recommended to me by the shop owner's daughter.) Then I stopped in at Kim's store (she used to be a secretary at Langley Concrete) and picked up 2 things... (Check it out the next time you're in Sardis - Just My Style.)

And now I'm here. Well, I've been here since suppertime, but when I sat on the couch to read and pray (might as well make this a spiritual retreat) I fell asleep and had a little nap. I woke up at 9:00 and it was dark. I have played a few rounds of facebook Scrabble and now it's late (2:00 am) and there's nobody in Lindell Beach and it's spooky and if I let my mind go there, maybe a little bit scarey.

I should have put in a DVD for company because, gosh, it's awfully quiet.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Doors are locked.
2. God's here with me.
3. I DO have some good books to keep me company.


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