Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not My Proudest Moment

"Mom? Can we meet in Surrey to exchange vehicles tonight?"
"Sure. As long as I'm home between 9 and 10 pm."
"Mom? Can you drive me to Abbotsford tonight?"
"Sure. As long as I'm home between 9 and 10 pm."

I only watch one show all week.
Just one.
I'm hosting Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday night at my house and was hoping to spend Thursday evening getting things ready. I'm working tomorrow so I had to prepare some things tonight.
And then Clint needed me to drive out to Surrey. So that was a 90 minute round trip, heading west, with me getting home around 7 pm.
And at 8 pm, I thought I was driving Drew to Abbotsford. But once we got on the freeway, he mentioned that I was taking him to Chilliwack. Which would be another 90 minute round trip, heading east, with me getting home at 9:30 pm.
I had a melt down.
I told him (in a very loud voice) I drive him anywhere at anytime whenever he asks, happily. BUT TONIGHT I WANTED TO WATCH JIM AND PAM GET MARRIED. That's all. I just wanted to be home between 9 and 10 pm.
He said some things which caused my volume to increase and in the end?
Jim and Pam got married without me watching.
And I had to phone Drew to apologize for 6 minutes of shouting.
And those things I wanted to get done tonight?
Totally did not get done. (Come on, did you see how many hours I spent driving around tonight?)
Oy vey.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Have you SEEN the trees out there? LOVE them.
2. I saw the last few minutes of The Office - so I tell myself those were the BEST scenes of the wedding.
3, Thankful for forgiveness and grace. I suck sometimes.


Anonymous said...

You HAVE to go on line and watch the whole thing. Yes, it is true...I became a fan this year too.

Trev said...

Who's Jim and Pam?

Anonymous said...




Sorry. I'm shouting.

Dear Trevor:
Go immediately to a Roger's Video and rent Season's 1 through 5 of The Office. Do not leave your house until you have watched them all. Then go online and find the season 6 episodes you have missed.

You will be a better person for it. Jam forever!

janicenikkel said...

I'm behind on The Office, but am very sorry you missed this episode. Love the beauty of buying seasons and catching up. Had no idea they were getting married. I have a lot to catch up on!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of them -- looks like she pregnant though. bad, bad