Friday, October 9, 2009

Things to be Thankful For:

Last Sunday evening, instead of going to Nelson and Terri's church's grand opening, I ended up at Cresent Beach by myself with my camera and journal for company. The date was October 4 and I was at the beach. In shorts and a tank top.
I'm just saying that so it's recorded.
If this blog is still around when I have grandchildren, I can say, "back when I was young(ish), we had summer weather right through til Thanksgiving"...

(See those folks in the photo above? Know what they're doing? They're READING. Each of them has a book and they are snuggled together, reading at the beach. I love that.)

I am thankful for trees. No, really. I'm not just saying that because I have a nice tree pic. I love trees. Ask anyone.

And I am thankful for my family:
I had Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year. Unfortunately no one from my sister's family or my brother's family could come, so I invited my cousin's family. Yay for having a full house of happy people.

Now that Clint's moved out, it's a treat when he comes home.
He walked in and said, "Hey, the house looks good."
I'll take that to mean, "the house looks like home." :)
He thanked me for the meal and all the leftovers I sent with him afterwards.
And gave me a couple hugs.
Maybe I should get them all to move out?

This was the newlywed "head" table: from left to right - (below)
Jason, Vanessa, Vanessa, Stuart.
They all got married this year...
and the Vanessas were in each other's bridal parties.

It kinda looks like there was no food at this gathering, doesn't it?
Well that's because all the food was in the kitchen, so we filled our plates in one room and emptied them in another.
Makes for empty tables.

To make this most hassle-free Thanksgiving dinner ever, I rented the plates. And the glasses. And the cutlery. 90 cents per complete place setting times 20 place settings.
We didn't have to wash any dishes.
How awesome is that?

To recap -
I'm thankful for:
1. Beautiful weather
2. Beaches
3. Journals
4. People in love who read on rocks
5. Trees
6. No, really. I am thankful for trees.
7. Big dining rooms
8. Family dinners
9. Lively conversation
10. Turkey
11. Ham
12. Purdy's Chocolates - Raspberry Creams -THANKS VAL
13. Newlyweds
14. Long weekends
15. Children who move out and then come home for dinner
16. Leftover turkey and ham
17. Have I mentioned trees?
18. Milk
19. A mom who brought the turkey, gravy and extra ham
20. Trees


valerie said...

Thanks for the good evening. Your table looked beautiful, fantastic food and tons of laughter - thanks to our kids who enjoy hanging out together. I don't remember the last time that I had rice and gravy. I can always count on that at your house - YUM!

valerie said...

OOPS, one more thing, Karm we missed you!