Saturday, November 21, 2009

Head Bangin Symphony

I bought the tickets about a month ago and asked the kids to save Fri Nov 20 for me. It'd be OFam night. I try to do them ONCE PER SEASON, like, only 4 times a year. With all the moaning and complaining you'd think I do family nights once a week or something.

I reminded them about once a week that I had tickets for a show, and they were all, 'yeah, yeah. yeah' and on Sunday when I mentioned it again - Clint said, "But I'm going to Calgary. Road trip with the guys. This has been planned since, uh, yesterday."

So he wasn't coming. I asked Mandi if she'd like his spot and she seemed delighted.

Max and Drew knew better than to make other plans.

Max always gets home from work at 4:30.
And today?
He rushed in at 5:30.
"We're leaving in half an hour," I reminded him.
"What? It's tonight?"
"We're leaving at like, 7:00, right?" he asked.
"Nope. We're leaving at 6:00."
His phone rings. He answers it. "OK. I'll be right over." And he gets in his truck and drives away.
So I call him.
"Uhm, were are you going?"
"I've got to take Beau to Abbotsford. He needs to make an appointment and he has no one to drive him and I said I wasn't doing anything so I could do it."
"But, you see, you are doing something. You're going to have a shower and go to a concert, IN HALF AN HOUR."
"I'll be back in time..."
(Tricia? It's a half hour drive EAST to Abbotsford from our house on a good day. Today is not a good day. RAIN like stink. And it's rush hour. And the main road to the freeway is closed. Not to mention he has to drive WEST to get back home again - and he will be in all the traffic that is heading into Vancouver for the Canuck's hockey game.)

This is me. Trying not to get stressed out about things.
These are my children pressing every button I have that makes my stomach bubble and boil.

This is not how I wanted O nite to go. I wanted to be happy-clappy. Nice. Fun to be with. And in the end, I'm fighting thunder, lightening, horrific traffic, ridiculous rain, red lights, sons who really don't want to be with me and and and...

I dropped the kids off at the corner so they could be there when it began (at 8 pm) - and I drove around looking for parking. I dropped into my seat at 8:20.

In the end? After all that?
Mandi and I loved it, Max and Drew said it was OK.
(And we all agreed the vocals were the weak link. If they had just stuck to instrumentals it would have been awesome.)

The Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Who are not Siberian.

And are more of a rock band than an orchestra.

And they had an amazing light and laser show.

And many people came to see.

And all the girls had long blonde hair ('cept one) and they all wore black mini dresses with black boots.
And the stages did tricks.

And pots kept bursting into flames. And it was hot.

And more stages did tricks.

And everyone stood with their legs three feet apart. (Drew calls this the power stance.)

And the Christmas Bells song was my favorist.

And the song at the end where the pianist rocked out was fab.

And it was good.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Another memory with the kids.
2. Clint was on facebook chat when I got home.
3. Mandi's enthusiasm and bubbliness.

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Trev said...

That was a geat show; the only dissapointment was that you could hardly see the snow...

Last year in GM place, it was much more distinct - it made you question if the stadium even had a roof ;-)