Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making Deals

I'm in the midst of a fantastic week:
Book Club on Wednesday
The Office on Thursday (I'm shallow that way)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra on Friday
Southgate Ladies' Event on Saturday

By all counts, it's a pretty stress-free time period in my life. All my doctor's appointments are done; no more scary tests to get freaked out about. All my deadlines at work have been met, and I've only got mind-numbing data entry to "worry" about this week. Drew is passing all his classes. Max is still employed. Clint is still happy with his living conditions and his courses. My dad and mom's conditions have stabilized. And the last stomach episode I had was last week, giving me a month before I'd have to think about having another one.

So why?
Why at 1 am, just as I am sliding into bed, did I get that dull ache in my ribcage indicating that things were going to get ugly?
I medicated myself immediately and started to 'walk it off' within 30 seconds. Five hours later I was still walking the circut (living room, dining room, kitchen, entryway again and again) breathing heavily and pushing my palm into my abdomen. The pain level never made it to 10 this time (praise God) but it did stay at a 6 for the whole night. Which is too high to fall asleep through and not high enough to cry about.

Seeing I was up anyway with no one to talk to, I just prayed the night away. And allowed my mind to wander to territory better not explored, namely, "What stresses do I have right now?"

So I tackled the big issues: child-slavery, human trafficking, Compassion kids, friends who are struggling, hurting marriages, broken hearts, the Ku Klux Klan, the economy, my long-term financial situation, my future daughter-in-laws, the homeless, and my eating habits.

I saw Max leave for work at 6, then took Drew to school at 8 and finally fell asleep at 9, promising God I'd do my part. And now? Hours later? My part? Write letters to my Compassion kids. Pray for the work that IJM is doing. Support Clint and Jesse and the work they're doing with the 5 and 2 Ministries.

Walk more (during daylight hours).
And no eating anything after 8 pm.

Here's hoping tonight is uneventful.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My house
2. Emails that bring happy news
3. Being pain free


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