Thursday, December 31, 2009

And on and on it goes, this good week of mine...

Do you have a friend that lol's?
(Laughs out loud.)
At movies?
Go see this movie with her:
Because it was funny.
And it was fun because I was with two friends who both laughed.
Belly laughed.
Laughed out loud and kinda snorted and were infectious to others in our area.
And the other part that was awesome?
Was about three quarters the way through, when we wished we could pause the movie and talk about possible ending scenarios. Because this movie is about relationships. And us women? We are experts at talking about relationship possibilities. Should Meryl keep things going with her ex? Or start something fresh with the architect?
We went out for tea afterwards and dissected that movie ten ways from Sunday and back again. I LOVE that. Exploring a movie to death afterwards.

And the VERY BEST part of the movie? Jim from The Office was in it. (Really. It was John Krasinski playing a character that was exactly Jim. Only his name is Harley) September? You have to see this movie for that reason alone.

I love Meryl. I think in real life we could be friends.
And I admire Alec Baldwin for doing so many scenes with no clothes on. He's got one big hairy body and it was awesome.
I mean, awesome because he's not all chiseled and toned and yet there he was, being real.

Something refreshing about that.
Oh and seeing John/Jim/Harley in tight pink floral tights/pajamas was worth the price of admission.

This morning I joined alot of incredible women that I had never met before for a breakfast celebration to bless our friend, Janice on her 40th birthday. Waaayyyyy out of my comfort zone for sure, especially first thing in the morning - but a person only turns 40 once in their life so I sucked it up buttercup and sat beside Maureen for clingy insecure reasons and it ended up being a great event.

Happy 40th, Janice. I am eagerly looking forward to all that God is going to do through you in the coming years. You inspire and motivate me in ways no one else ever has. I'm so glad you were born.

And thanks, Maureen for organizing it all.

I went to work for a few hours this afternoon because I'm responsible like that- then met Sandra and her girls at Colossus to see ANOTHER movie:

I love him.
It was a dark movie, but I am a big fan of guyfriend movies... I love the banter between two fellas who work closely together and have a not-shallow friendship. Holmes and Watson = wittiness. Loved their one liners.
Overall, it wasn't as good as it could have been. The potential was there. RDJ and Jude Law are great actors. And incredibly easy on the eyes. Yessireebob.
But it wasn't a 10 out of 10 movie.
I'd give it a C+.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends who are OK hanging out at the BUSIEST location in the lower mainland. HOLY COW there are alot of folks seeing movies these days. Did everyone's kids go away for the holiday? Manoliving.
2. Everything that could possibly washed in the washing machine is now clean. Yay for getting every towel, throw blanket, piece of bedding and article of clothing CLEAN and dry and folded and put away.
3. Yay for Christmas. And Jesus being born. And Yay for new years. Time to start something ...


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Anonymous said...

I do want to see it...but I'm scared she and her ex won't get together in the end and I might walk out in tears. I know, you're rolling your eyes...
If it came out on Christmas Day, it should be in Brooks by the end of March so I'll definitely go.