Monday, December 28, 2009

I am Going to Have a Great Week

I finished this book, finally:
Of all the sections in this book (Margaret visits a shepherd, a farmer, a beekeeper and a vintner) the part about the sheep has had the greatest impact on me. Specifically this:
"Always remember the strength and safety that comes in community."
The shepherd is referring to her sheep and how they need each other. And I was thinking about us and how we need each other too.

Margaret took the shepherd's comment and applied it to Christians in a church context... "I know many people who have left the safety and protection of the flock of the church to pursue God on their own. I applaud their desire for an authentic relationship with Jesus, but I wonder if a parallel exists between the safety found in a flock under the care of a good shepherd and the safety found in a church under the care of a good pastor."

When Murrayville closed, the kids and I started sitting in the back row at Northview a couple weekends each month were the preaching was fabulous and the music was outstanding. We've done this for 2 years.
In December, Drew joined some friends at the local church where most of his friends attend and he received a warm, enthusiastic reception. They wanted him to sit with them, but our two years at Northview had impacted him. His response to them was, "I go to church to listen to the sermon, not visit with my friends."

And that struck me as sad. I don't think church is just supposed to be about listening to the preacher. It's about community. And sitting with your friends. And having someone be happy that you came. And making someone else happy that they came. And being part of a flock. So that when predators (doubt, temptations, bitterness, confusion) come around, you've got the support, safety and company of your friends to protect you.

We were not created to be solitary creatures.

Which is a great segue into the second part of this post; I saw this movie tonight:

And yeesh, if there ever was a movie that supported the idea that man should not live alone, this is it.

George does have nice eyes, but he doesn't do it for me. I'm weird that way.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Tomorrow is another day, another movie. Anyone want to see "It's Complicated" with me?
2. In spite of all the sleeping in, reading and movie-watching, I did a load of dishes and two loads of laundry this afternoon. So I can sleep tonight, knowing I have been responsible.
3. Aren't gas fireplaces the best inventions ever?



Anonymous said...

Agreed - we were not meant to be solitary creatures, and yes, a church community is meant to be a support for us. But it is also meant to be a place where we learn and grow, so I think he's got one part of it down. Church is complicated, yes? Appreciated your post.
Did you enjoy 'Up in the Air'?

Jane said...

Yes, church is complicated.
We stayed at Fraser Heights because of the friendships and community - but the church closed because the preaching was not strong enough. So we went to North Langley where the pastor is fabulous, but somehow we never felt community. So when we moved to Murrayville, we went to Murrayville church, again for the community. Sadly, the preaching was not strong enough to keep it afloat and it closed. So now we're at Northview, where the preaching is excellent, but where we have no community...

To answer your question, yes. I did enjoy Up In The Air and I'm glad I saw it but I hesitate to recommend it because it is not your traditional romantic comedy. It's more of a drama. So if 'happily ever after' with no swear words is important to you ... this may not be something you'd want to spend $12 on. The person I was with had a mini seizure every time George dropped the f bomb. I thought she was going to leave when a bare bum walked across the screen. :)

Jus sayin...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps your "church surch" is being led and guided by God. I can look backwards at my life and see definite 'seasons'. Perhaps you are in a 'season' where good preaching is what you need. Sometime in the future, you may be in a 'season' where community is what you need. Regrettably, I usually don't see the magnitude of the Lord's leading me into and out of these seasons until much after the fact. If you're not hearing anything from God about what church to be at, it might be because He's not speaking. If He's not speaking, don't move. Don't move until you hear Him. His plans are always awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Well, I've watched movies with bare bums before, heard the f word in my own house more than once, so yeah . . . I'd be OK with it; probably even enjoy it, but I'll wait till it comes out in video. thanks for the response. Sorry about the church situation - not easy picking up in a new situation.

Anonymous said...

George does it for me.
Always has. My friends think I'm gross because he's like, what, 100?

Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear that you are carving out a nice "christmas week" for yourself. For me replacing what had always been with new situations took real effort. But it does pay off.....You have many people who love you Jane and want to share life with you!! rm