Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Gallblatter,

So. It was you all along.

Did you have a deal going with that clinic doc? Huh? DID YOU? What was in it for him? I can see where you'd benefit from a misdiagnoses - Obviously you got to stay in my glorious, comfy, well-padded body for an extra year and a half.... But why would he say that I just had "gas" when clearly I did not? Huh? Why? Oh how you must've laughed when I started crunching back Tums like they were sweet tarts every time you flared up with a tempter tantrum.

And what the heck were you doing when the ultrasound technician tried to take some pics of you? You HID? Were you embarrassed by all the scar tissue? Did you sink so low because of all the stones? Oh my goodness, you have been a pain. And you know what? I'm tired of being afraid of you.

So this is it.
It's over.

One less organ in my life can't be a bad thing.
Count your days buddy, because by Easter you'll be gone.

Your host body.

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