Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom.

In 1940, whilst the world was still at war with itself, tiny Hilda Jean Neumann was born in a small house behind the park in Yarrow.Her days in the country were numbered, however. Before long her family moved to the big city where she was raised to be a princess. Her royalty was recognized by the town folk and when she was 10 years old, she was crowned "May Queen of Vancouver." She still has the tiara and her picture was in the Vancouver Sun.
In recognition of her highness's 70th birthday, I took her out for dinner tonight. She had a whopper at Burger KING,
then we went to see Princess Victoria get her man and her crown in The Young Victoria.

Don't you just love "theme" evenings?
Don't you just love your mom?
I do.

Happy Birthday mom. You're the best.

And by the way, the movie was nice. Something you could take your mom to and not squirm in your seat because of inappropriateness. (Did I tell you about the time I took her to see Brokeback Mountain?)

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Drew was home from Sun Peaks when I got home. He has friends over. I love having people in the house. It's one way to ensure I put pants on.
2. I have an awesome mom.
3. Facebook. There I said it. I am thankful for Facebook.



Anonymous said...

Your Mother never seems to change...It is amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your mom! Sounds like an amazing woman.

BTW, I am thankful for FB too!!!

Christine Lindsay said...

Good idea, I think I'll learn from your example and take my mom out for an evening. Hugs to you. Still praying for ya.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me, I've got to have the best daughters in the world, You are loved and admired by me. Thanks again. Love you forever.