Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Does This Make My Bum Look Fat?

Oy Vey! Too much fun tonight.

Andrea was over, learning me how to decorate my blog.

(Andie? It's 2:30 am and I'm still mucking around. The first font I downloaded didn't have NUMBERS, so the dates didn't show up. The second font I downloaded was too scripty and hard to read. I finally settled on this one; milk and honey.)

So. I'm pretty sure this background is WAY too busy and makes reading my fabulous words too difficult, yes?

Let me know how you really feel.
Poll is on the right. Somewhere. I hope.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends who share knowledge.
2. Gerber daisies that LAST forever. (Tulips are long dead. Gerbers are still going strong.)
3. A brain that still has the capacity to learn.



Anonymous said...

Love the new blog look! Didn't have an option on the right to say... Don't change it too much, you are on a great track. If you could throw a more solid bkgd under your main text that would help my little aging eyes or... If that's not possible, how about a soft-white-leading-to-cream text for the regular posts?

And yes, I will remain anonymous. Love reading about your world, your plans, your household, and your life with God. Some day, your book will be stacked on top of the other godly women book suggestions on my night table... 'Esther','Rebekah', 'Sarah', Oh... and 'Jane'. I'll say, "I've read the Beta version on her blog and highly recommend it. Sounds like the book of 'Jane' is in perfect company."

Anonymous said...

The black font on brown pattern makes it really hard to see.

Anonymous said...

I find the back ground a little too distracting....It is a little hard to read for me...I liked the old one....But I understand the need for something different as well. Maybe if the script didn't roll over the back ground ? I dunno I am not a graphic artist...

ramblin'andie said...

So I looked this morning, thunk, and came back this afternoon. I agree that the fact that the background goes under the text makes things a bit distracting. If it was lighter so the font was easier to read that might have helped. Or if it was like every other template that made the middle section a solid colour...

I think maybe your header picture is too busy as well. It's those cedars in the background. Do you have any pictures of the cedars at Cultas with the lake in the background instead?