Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Arts n Crafts

While blog surfing the other day, I checked out Tricia's craft blog and fell in love with her paper garland. Check it out here.
How hard can this be? I said to myself.
All I need is a heart punch. (They should be easy enough to acquire.) And magazines. (Hello? I am a People mag junky). And a friend with a sewing machine. (I must have at least one.)
So I sent out an email to a dozen or so friends to see if they wanted to make a garland with me.
I have 5 sewing machines (and their owners) coming over tomorrow night along with friends with magazines, old calendars, and lots of enthusiasm. (If you're reading this and want to come, please do.)
Much punching and stitching will be occurring in my dining room tomorrow.
Yeah. It'll be like a kindergarten class around here.

I did some practice punching at midnight. It's very easy. Probably anyone could do it.Oh, and those strawberries and whipped cream cartons? I baked a cake at midnight too. It's Tarra's birthday tomorrow, so I'm bringing the cake to work. 

Why at midnight?
Why can't I do things during normal baking hours?
Well. Because. 
I was at Peace Portal Church sitting in on their Photography Group's Adobe Photoshop Workshop this evening. Yes indeedy I was. And I just may have learned a thing or two. 

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Crafts
2. Baking
3. Photography



Anonymous said...

So... I've been lurking on this blog for a long, long time, hanging onto words you say, books you recommend, scriptures you quote. Seriously, you sometimes provide the highlight of my day. I actually think quite a a bit about what I would do if I actually met you. What I would say, how we would laugh and joke that we must be sisters because we think exactly alike (except I'm super organized and not much for spontaneous fun... but other than that, totally similar!) So... I think I could have met you yesterday. If it actually was you I saw at Old Navy on Tuesday. Except instead of things turning out how I have gone over in my head a hundred times... I panicked, ducked my head and ran out the door. Yes, I think you have moved to the category of "celebrity status". I imagine I would do the same thing at being confronted with Sandra Bullock! By the way, if that was you at Old Navy... you are way thinner than I imagined! All this talk about losing weight... if that was you, you look beautiful!!

Remaining a lurker!!

Jane said...

Oh dear sweet lurker...

Old Navy? If by Old Navy you mean Michaels, Precious Memories and Clipper Street, yes that was me!

And lurker, hon? I totally don't know who you are or what you look like, so if in fact you do end up standing right beside me in the lineup at Safeway, I WON'T KNOW. So no more ducking and running. (From the real me or my more beautiful look-alikes.)

And, uh. Yeah. I do need to lose weight. The surgeon who is taking out my gallblad described me as obese.


Thanks for your comment and for making my day.