Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eleven Cavities

Drew and I had dentist appointments this morning.
He has 11 cavities. (Same number Clint had when he was 15.)
I had none.

We went to Guildford afterwards for chinese food at the food court just like the old days and it brought back memories. Good ones. For both of us.

Seconds after we arrived home, the clothes he ordered online were delivered. 
"Good thing we had dentist appointments today. Otherwise you would have been at work and I would have been at school and we would have missed the delivery..."
He loves his new clothes:

After he tried them all on, we did some mailing for Arrow, then went to Chapters to use our coupons. He is such an "O" - nothing like new clothes to put him in a good mood. 

Tonight was heart garland night :)
Wayyyyy tooo much fun.
"Punching is very theraputic"

Janice brought old calendars (brilliant), Sandra brought old gardening magazines (perfect), Terry brought old scrapbooking paper scraps (stunning) and I had my old People magazines. (Totally useless.)

There were 4 sewing machines in my dining room, three heart punches and one Skittlebug (Scuttlebug?) die cutter...

First we cut out our hearts, then lay them out to see how they'd "fit". Someone who will remain nameless was doing a tribute to the queen with her hearts. I intervened and replaced all the "face" hearts with garden and flower hearts. Nothing leaves my house looking tacky. It's my motto. And queen hearts are just wrong.

Clint stopped by at midnight looking for food and saw the finished product on the table. He looked closely and asked, "Did you use some sort of automated stitching device to assemble these? What sort of tool does this sort of miniature stitching with thread?"

Hahahaha. Other than the 10 minutes I used a sewing machine in gade 8, I've never used one. I certainly don't own one. My kids are somewhat unfamiliar with it's uses.

So. They turned out fabulous. Tricia, you shoulda been here. THANKS for the inspiration. We made seven 12 foot garlands.

Easy peasy.
If you have and know how to use a sewing machine and a heart punch.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Craft nights.
2. Fun afternoons with Drew
3. Spontaneous "drop ins" by Clint.



Anonymous said...

They look great !! Wish I could have been there!! Rose

Anonymous said...

They look great !! Wish I could have been there!! Rose

Anonymous said...

Did you use any of the paper with hearts I left at your back door? I was hoping they wouldn't get wet because they were in a paper bag not a plastic one.

Tricia said...

Clints comment had me in stitches, (pun intended.) Your heart garland looks great! Wish I had been there.

Anonymous said...

I remember pulling out the ironing board, when Wesley was about 8. It made that awful noise when I opened it up and he looked at me like he was seeing something from space. His mouth dropped open and he said "What is that?" It was then I knew I wasn't and never would be a "Susie Homemaker"! Linda