Saturday, February 6, 2010

Toilet Talk

From the conversations last night:

  • You'd think we were 3 year old boys, not 40-50-ish year old intelligent women.
  • You'd think we were in McDonald's ball-playroom not Sandra's elegant dining room.
  • You'd think we were being supervised by some inattentive teenaged babysitter, not being served by Rick in a white dress shirt and monogrammed tuxedo apron. 
  • You'd think we were eating happy meals out of paper bags not the gourmet dinner based on the recipes from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook.
  • You'd think we were celebrating the "he went pee pee in the toilet" moment, not the birthdays of two close friends.
  • You'd think we would use some filters and pre-screen our thoughts before blurting out how that CAT scan dye makes you feel good when it flows through certain body parts. Or how some of us fantasize about getting a good 'patdown' at airport security. Or how to respond when our daughters ask, "So, how many times a week ARE you and dad doing it?" Or our thoughts on hearing OUR OWN moms and dads doing it
But nope. No filters. No decorum. No pretending. No embarrassment. No end to the laughter. No better way to spend an evening.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Laughter. 
2. Conversation. Conversation with women ... we can go from sex to body parts to body image to health to medical procedures to  finances to careers to family to children to parents back to sex and start all over again. It's a wonderful thing, being a woman.
3. Sunshine. My boss has gone sailing today (according to Facebook) and Max has gone camping (according to his need to take "all the old blankets" of mine that he's taking along.) IT'S FEBRUARY 6TH PEOPLE. It'll be the first time the athletes will wear bathing suits to compete in the winter Olympics.



Jane said...

Tricia? You so HAVE TO move to BC. Fresh air and fabulous conversation. You know you want to .....

Tricia said...

I actually looked up "Becoming a Canadian citizen'" last year. I think I would love being Canadian, and being your neighbor. You and your friends sound like so much fun!