Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Love ...

... freshly painted walls
... having the house smell like chooclate
... eating Vanilla Haagen Dazs Ice cream and warm-from-the-oven gooey brownies
... watching Shannon scrapbooking on my living room floor
... having email 'conversations' with Drew
... facebook chatting with Clint
... seeing Max for 2 minutes, unexpectedly
... getting ready for a weekend at the cabin
... feeling good about getting 8 months of filing done
... having a spare bedroom for overnight guests (Shannon)
... remembering, just in time, to get my truck re-insured.
... helping a friend cull through her photos
... the new wallet Sandra bought me - she was embarrassed by zip lock baggie I've been using to hold my cards
... getting random offers (from precious young women who read my blog) to pray along with me
... brownies. Have I mentioned the brownies?
... knowing that I am loved By my mom and God
... September's comment on my facebook status
... that my niece, Mandi, is turning 21 right now
... being able to help someone (Shannon) decorate their blog
... sunshine
...Clint, Max and Drew
... my bed



Unknown said...

I'm all over your facebook and your blog... I feel like a star!

Anonymous said...

Things that make me happy:
-Seeing my name on blog posts!

The post that's one or two after this about being more in love with the idea than the person, on how being a mom or a wife isn't really about having your needs met etc was food for thought. Thank you.

:) September