Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just Ducky

Today was the first day of Spring.
Yay for seasons!
Kaitlynn had an idea... so Sandra and I humored her and brought our cameras.

Man those ducks like seed.

This little duck got special attention because he asked for it. Whilst all his cousins squawked and quacked on the ground, he hopped up onto the fence post and politely waited. He was rewarded.

There is likely a lesson to be learned there.

In case you are wondering, yes it did smell a little bit.

I`m not sure I'm going to be able to talk about ducks much longer. So I'm changing topics even though I still have pics from our outing to post. I hope that's not confusing for you.

Clint informed me this afternoon that he'll probably be moving back home in a few months (ie - when this semester is over). He's hoping to transfer to SFU or UBC, so living in Abby doesn't make sense.

Depending on which school he gets into, he'll move again in the fall.
By the way - he's looking for a summer job - "something physical"; so if you know of anything (landscaping, construction, building rail roads, etc) give him a shout.

It was unseasonably warm and pretty around here on Friday night - so I joined a friend at White Rock for some Fish and Chips on the beach. It was all kinds of awesome. So so SOOO very good. You have no idea.
Tragically, however it was the first thing I've eaten since my surgery that didn't agree with my new, slightly altered digestive system. I guess having your meal skip that one small process does matter with greasy deep-fried foods.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Blow dryers and curling irons.

2. Magazines

3. Day trips.

4. Listening to Drew and Brett talk in the family room as they are on the verge of falling asleep.

5. Having a house that doesn't float.

6. Having a yard that is not muddy.

7. Wooden bridges. I love wooden bridges.


8. Oh, and GPS. Today  I was thankful for GPS.

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