Monday, March 8, 2010

Pray-Along. Part Two

From A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baille

O God, the Father of all mankind, I would bring before You tonight the burden of the world's life. I join myself to the great scattered company of those who, in every corner of every land, are now crying out to You in their need. Hear us, O God, and look in pity upon our necessities, since You alone are able to satisfy our desire.

Especially do I commend to Thy Holy keeping:
     All who tonight are far from home and friends
     All who tonight must lie down hungry or cold
     All who suffer pain
     All who are kept awake by anxiety or suspense
     All who are facing danger
     All who must toil or keep watch while others sleep.
Give them all I pray, such as a sense of Your presence with them as may turn their loneliness into comfort and their trouble into peace.

O God, grant your blessing I pray to all who in any corner of the world are serving in Christ's name:
     All ministers of the gospel of Christ
     All social workers
     All missionary workers abroad
     All doctors and nurses who faithfully tend to the sick.
Accomplish through them Your great purpose of goodwill to men, and grant them in their own hearts the joy of Christ's most real presence.

And to me, as I lie down for the night, grant me, O Father, the joy of a life surrendered to Christ's service and the peace of sin forgiven through His power of the Cross.


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