Monday, March 8, 2010

PnP Pray-Along. Part 14

(If you're just joining me now, I'm in the midst of a day-long intentional time of prayer. Please join me. I'm praying for my kids, and all those kids that God has laid on my heart to love.)

Depression, Anxiety, Purposelessness, Addictions, Disorders ... Our God can heal them all.

Dear God,
When my kids, my friends, my loved ones, are in the depths of despair, let them cry out to You. Let Your ears be attentive to their cries for mercy. Cause them to put their hope in Your word and in Your unfailing love, which carries the promise of full redemption even in those darkest hours. (Psalm 130:1-7)

As those I love struggle under the weight of weariness or burdens, remind them that they can come to You and You will give them rest. (Matt 11: 28 - 30)

When we find ourselves in tears day and night, and when we are sad and discouraged, cause us to put our hope in You and to remember Your kindness. Pour out on us Your unfailing love throughout each day, and at night fill us with Your life-giving songs. (Psalm 42: 3 - 8)

Do not let us be enslaved by depression or negative emotions. Christ has set us free, so let us stand firm, refusing to let ourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. (Gal 5:1)

Let the light of Your face shine on those I love. Fill their hearts with joy and let them lie down and sleep in peace. (Psalm 4: 6 - 8)

Shield my kids from the weapon of drugs. Banish terror from their lives and give them peace. (Is 54:13,17)

Demolish any strongholds of lying, rebellion, and drug use in my loved one's lives. Remove anything that gets in the way of their knowledge of You and cause their thought lives to be obedient to Christ. (2Cor 10: 4-5)

Protect those that I love from the snare of drugs that others lay out for them. Shield them from traps set by evildoers. (Ps 141:9)

Help us to persevere when we face trials, relying on Your strength instead of on drugs. Equip us to stand during times of testing so that we can receive the crown of life that you have promised to those who love You. (James 1: 12)

Thank You for hearing us when we pray. I imagine You leaning forward from heaven, delighting in our conversation. God, those of us who are mothers have a deep longing to see our kids come to know and love You. Reveal Yourself to them now, during this supper hour. Open their eyes so they might see You. Enable them to respond...

Thank you for today's sunshine and blue skies. You are awesome.


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