Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adverbs. Racism. Tempers. And Oops -

Oops! There was chocolate sauce on that peanut butter pie tonight.
I guess I have to start the counter over again. 100 days of no chocolate .... starting now.
(In my defense, I was thinking "no chocolate BARS" for 100 days, but I forgot to write the "bar" part on my list). So here I am, 4 days into No Chocolate and feeling proud of myself for being able to last 4 whole days when I realize that I DID have chocolate last night. But maybe it doesn't count because if was camouflaged in a 'white chocolate cheesecake (with a hint of lemon)' that was SO AMAZINGLY FINE. You wouldn't even believe how awesome and smooth and perfect that dessert was.

And how, because it was all white, I didn't even think of the chocolate element.

And then tonight, at the ABC in Abby, I had peanut butter pie. And it had a chocolate crust (which I didn't eat) with some chocolate sauce drizzled over it (that I did eat.)
It was heavenly.
But wrong. Have I no will power?
No self discipline?
No mirror to see what I look like?
Geez Louise.

Yes, tonight.
Andrea and I left Langley a little after 4, with me not quite ready.
When will I learn?
I can't throw myself together in 30 minutes. My hair is the biggest issue. And this should not be. I just don't know what to do about poker straight, stickyouty bangs that part right down the middle. And my other hairs ...the ones that grow on my chins. They need plucking.
And clothes. I haven't bought myself anything new in months. Many months. Maybe, last September? And, well, I look frumpy. I know that.

So Andrea shows up on time, and I'm half dressed and my clean hair is not styled but my chin has been plucked and there is makeup on my face.

We drive out to House of James because we have some time, and on the way I learn that a volcano in Iceland has been messing with air traffic. Honest. If it wasn't for Andie giving me a strange look when I asked her how come her dad's flight to Switzerland was cancelled, I would have remained clueless as to the biggest air disruption since 9-11. (I have since googled the event. Great pics like this one,

can be found here. )

From there we head over to Northview where Jeff is starting a new (3 year) series on the book of Mark and I'm in my happy place.

You know how when you're young, church is something you go to simply see your friends (assuming you have a set of "church" friends) or because your mom makes you go? And how when the pastor preaches you start playing tic tac toe on the bulletin and squirming. And how if that preacher gets loud you interpret it as yelling and you hate it?

Well, it's so not like that when you're 48-going-on-49.
I love passionate preaching. Volume is not an issue. And length of sermon isn't one either.

And, as usual, I love having a friend to sit beside.
Afterwards, we met Chris and Jenn at the ABC and visited for 4 hours. Yes we did. We sat and talked about books, and writing, and blogs, and friends, and meds, and school parking lots, and agents, and children, and editing and parents, and fears, and longings, and word counts, and marketing, and mental health, and marriages, and friendship.


Last year, when Carolyn and I were at Regent College, I picked up an audio DVD on Friendship by Luci Shaw and Madeleine L'Engle. I finally got around to listening to it last Saturday. It was just Luci and Madeleine talking about their relationship and it was beautiful to listen to. One week later, the thing that I remember about their talk? Is how deep friendships are the result of shared pain. When someone allows someone else to share their pain - THAT'S when ties are formed.

There's risk involved. Firstly in allowing someone to know you're struggling. And secondly to enter into someone else's problems.
But the payoff is friendship.
And it's totally worth it.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Weekends rich with interactions.
2. Weekends rich with disguised chocolate.
3. Weekends rich with opportunities to sleep in.



Unknown said...

i've been sleeping in this weekend too! i'm not sure it counts when you wake up at noon if you didn't actually get to sleep until 5-6am though?

i work best at night. fewer distractions. although, i'm taking a "read jane's blog" break right now. I'm at 995 words out of the 2000-2500 that need to be a paper before 3:00pm tomorrow. bah.

Poplarhillfarm said...

Jane, I totally empathize with your efforts at no chocolate. Lasted thru Lent with having indulged a spoonful of Nutella convincing myself it was more nut than anything else . . .the stories we feed ourselves.

Also could empathize with how kids can view church. I remember all the paper games I'd play - x's and o's. . . SOS, hangman, . . . till the day I was about 11 and my mom said I needed to take notes in church. Amazing how much I learned after that!!

Thanks for being my friend and for letting so many in on your life journey. You are a gem.


Anonymous said...

I dont think white chocolate is technically chocolate.... that is what I was told anyway... rose

Tricia said...

White chocolate by definition is not chocolate. Seriously, look it up. Its cocoa butter and your still good.

Anonymous said...

Hope that volcano doesn't spew ash for too long, what with your upcoming trip. News said flights might be disrupted for months. Linda

Unknown said...

I heart you, Janey-O. Thanks for the sheer amazingness that is you. Saturday was divine. Let's do that again. Please, please...keep me sane. You inspire me!