Saturday, April 17, 2010

So, Like, I Have An Awesome Mom, Yo?

I had been hoping/wishing/planning on seeing the Newsboys and Audio A on Friday night when they were here, in MY town ... but two things conspired against me:
1. No one wanted to come with me.
2. I was hosting a birthday dinner for Sandra on the same evening.

And by hosting, I mean hosting. I asked everyone to bring something (hey. I work everyday and seem to be consumed with important social things every evening.) And then, because she ROCKS at it, I asked my mom if she'd come over and set my table for me. Not because I can't set a table. But because she does it SO WELL.

She agreed, because she's fantastic that way, and mentioned that she'd be bringing all her own stuff (dishes, glasses, cutlery, etc) as well as her own decorating elements (table linens, candle holders, flowers, vases) and that I was to simply put it all, UNWASHED, back into the rubbermaid containers, and she'd clean it up at her place.

Yes. I thought so too.
"Mom? How about if you just set the table at your house, all we'll have our dinner there?"

So much easier (on her) to simply set a nice table at her place, no?

On Friday, I headed over to her place at around 4 and found her visiting with two of her friends, Hildegarde and Lena who had spontaneously dropped in. (Hildegarde lives about an hour away from my mom, so 'drop ins' are rare.) Apparently their other friends, Art and Anne were on their way over from Chilliwack (an hour long drive for them too) and the whole lot of them were going out for dinner at 6:30.

Meanwhile, in an already full driveway, Mandi pulls in WITH HER NEW TRUCK!

And she has a couple friends over before they too, head out for dinner at 6:30

And at 6:30, my friends start to arrive, bringing with them good food and happy hearts.

And I mostly forgot to take pics of the table my mom set for us:

And then? The added little touch in a few spots around the house? Gerbers.

Little individual pots of Gerber daisies behind the sink, on the island...
So cheerful,
So tasteful,

By 11 pm, the 'ol folks were back from their meal, Mandi and her friends were back upstairs (in her suite) from their evening, and my friends were getting ready to leave. That driveway saw alot of activity on Friday night...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My mom (and dad). Uh, yeah. Know what else she's doing for me this week? Besides having my 3 sons and their friends for night? Labeling 2600 envelopes for me. Yeah. I totally won the mom lottery.

2. Max drove Drew in Drew's car to their dentist appointments today. BIG day for Drew.
Max's truck giving Drew's car life:

He backed it into the driveway and it stalled.
My truck giving Drew's car life:



3. Mark gave Clint and Max 4 tickets to see the Canuck`s playoff game tonight. This makes me happy.`


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your mom rocks!!!lucky you!!!!!!!