Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The kids and I had our own Easter dinner tonight.
It was the 4 of us, eating Sushi at 8 pm.
(They were planning on getting back from Sun Peaks earlier, but part way home they turned around and went back to look for a lost wallet.)
No one wanted chocolate.
So when we stopped eating, it was over.

My how the times have changed...

In the past, we celebrated Easter with any relative within 50 miles. And we started with an Easter egg/candy hunt that involved appox 5 pounds of sugar for each participant:

Max and Zac -

Chad and Drew:

Clint and Jesse:

And then, going EVEN further back, we used to spend Easter at the cabin:

The kids would run around hunting for the candy, then it would get spread out on the picnic table, and everyone got a chance, one turn at a time, to pick the candy they wanted til it was divided up evenly.
Fairness is important at Easter.

Clint, Max and Zac:

Drew and Sarah:

This year my family got together for turkey and Purdy's on Sunday night and my kids weren't there. The first few times that I showed up at family dinners without a husband felt weird. And this past Sunday, showing up without my kids, felt awful. Everyone else in the family has managed to hold it together... I am the loser.
I'm the one they ask to bring store-bought buns.
I'm "that" relative.

In the end, it turned out fine. Dinner was delicious. Conversation was good. Yahtzee was excellent. These are my people. And it didn't matter to anyone that I was alone.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Clint

2. Max

3. Drew


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