Sunday, April 4, 2010

First 100 Things

I've challenged myself to get rid of 100 things (in the next 100 days). So far...

National Geographic Magazines. I might want to look at them again. Some child of mine, or grandchild even, might want to cut out the pictures for a Social Studies project. They are collectible. They have educational value. They are going into the recycling bag for the curb.

Craft Supplies from Billies. Maybe I'll get into making springtime wreaths (30 - 40 of them) again. Maybe I'll help out in my grandchild's Kindergarten class with craft ideas for Mother's Day. Maybe I'll go on a missions trip and do painted bird houses with orphans in India.  Maybe I'll have a garage sale, and sell all the craft items with proceeds going towards Compassion Kids. I'm giving them away to whoever has a use for them NOW.

Clothes that don't fit. Maybe I'll lose weight. And when I do, these clothes from the '90's will still be in style. Maybe someone will want to play 'dress up'... Dropping them off in a roadside Clothes Bin.

Broken things that could be fixed by a handyman. Barbeque. Water Cooler. LawnChairs. Computers.  I don`t know...

An entire collection of VHS tapes - I don`t know.

Two shelves of Cookbooks that I haven't refer'd  to in years - I don't know.

Oh no. I'm stuck in "I don't know" land. Suddenly it all seems overwhelming.

Might have to pause progress on this project for a short while; I need to reassess my priorities.

My fear is that I'll end up on an episode of Hoarders.
(Have you SEEN this show? Watch it now.)
The part that absolutely horrifies me is that I see my dad in all this. They could have done an episode on him and his barns. Looking back, now that I've seen a couple shows in this series, I think we probably should've had a professional psychologist on hand to help us/him deal with his mental state while we threw out/gave away his things.


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ramblin'andie said...

You know what? You should give Big Brothers a call. They'll come pick stuff up for you. So the clothes, the VHS tapes, the cookbooks...they could all go to Big Brothers. Failing that, we're having a garage sale this spring and I can try and make some change for that new car fund for you.

The broken things? Let's take advantage of the fact that you have a truck and go to the dump. I LOVE going to the dump. I'll do the lifting for you, you drive the truck. Kay? Even looks like it should be open 8 till 5 tomorrow. Let me know...