Saturday, April 10, 2010


I was at a girlfriend's place this afternoon.
She lives on a farm - and this is what sprouted in her back field about a year ago... They've been caring for it, and it keeps growing:

One of their sons designed it. It is tres' fabuloso, no?

If all goes according to plan, they'll be moving into it this June.

"They" are the farmer and his wife (a pianist) and the baby of the bunch of chillens they done raise.

Al and Shelly (above) and Miss Sophie (below)

From their place I zipped over to church to meet my dad and mom and watch the children's program. Yes. All that rushing for a children's program.
Again, I acknowledge the need for an attitude adjustment.

Then the three of us joined the rest of Abbotsford at the ABC off Clearbrook Rd. Every Menno in town was there tonight. Must be because they serve farmer sausage soup. And tonight they had fresh strawberry pie. Win win.

And now? Now? Now on this day that I thought I'd be hanging out with Drew? I'm alone in the house again. He's with friends, watching hockey.
So I am doing a 2 hour read-a-thon to keep Raych company.
I might blog about it, like she does, as practice for when I do it for reals.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Beautiful girls in gardens with watering cans.
2. Big dreams. Big houses. Big love.
3. Books to read and the opportunity to read them.


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raych said...

Ooh yes, do. What will you read? What will you eat? Tell me you have some snacks secreted away somewhere for such a time as this.