Saturday, April 10, 2010


Way back in March (on the 27th), I posted this list and Raych's comment (in response to item #6 , I'm assuming) was:

Do the 24-hour read-a-thon. You hardly sleep anyways. Plus, it still counts as having done it if you fall asleep halfway through. True story. PLUS it's in 2 weeks, so you can check something off really soon, PLUS it's fun, PLUS you already have a blog to be all Yadda yadda this is what I'm reading etc.

Sign up here: because then new friends will drop by your blog and say encouraging things to you. Doooo eet.

And let me tell you this, the idea of participating in that read-a-thon has been on my mind for two entire weeks. Should I (COULD I!) plan to spend twenty four consecutive hours reading books of my choice. And blog about the experience as I go?


The thing is, it seems so indulgent. What do you do about a son who has been away for the past 4 weekends and it is on THIS weekend that he is home? Ignore him? 

So. Here it is. Five hours into the read-a-thon in which I am not participating and Drew is gone for the day. Something about 240's. Dallas, Matt and Ben. Guy stuff. Good times.

I SHOULD have played along. There are 387 bloggers reading the day away and I SHOULD BE ONE OF THEM. But the sun is shining and the gardens need weeding again. (I bet there will not be one single weed in heaven.) And I need to buy groceries and gifts. Do laundry. Clean the kitchen. Sighhhh.

If you're in the mood, read along with Raych who has already finished TWO books this morning and is keeping track of things over on her book blog. Cheer her on in the comment section.

And next year? I am so in.

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