Saturday, April 10, 2010

Three Fun Things

If you haven't yet seen it, why not?
The Sound of Music at Fundy is great fun.
I went on Thursday's Opening Night and watched Cast A do an amazing job...
According to the buzz on facebook, Cast B's performance tonight was spectacular as well.
(I might just have to go see it again.)

If you're looking for a fun read, pick this one up:

Flavia, the 11 year old younger sister of Ophelia and Daphne is a cross between Harriet the Spy and Miss Marple. An entertaining murder mystery set in England, (Hey. I'm going there) with Flavia playing the part of precocious detective.

The local mountains got a dump of snow earlier this week + the skies were clear and sunny this afternoon = Drew and his friends needing to go to Seymour after school.

(And he wants me to buy a sports car.)

Getting geared up in the parking lot.

Drew trying to speed up the process. "I'm not going boarding with girls anymore. They take f o r e v e r ...'

John and Drew (or Jroo as he wishes I had spelled it) still waiting...

It was so beautifully clear, I could see over the other side of the mountain. errhm. What am I looking at way over there? What city is that in the distance?

My favorite type of Seymour experience. Mountains are covered in fresh snow - parking lot is totally clear.

John (Or Jawn, as Drew suggested John spell it) and Drew are STILL waiting. The girls needed to make a bathroom stop...

Finally, at 5:15 pm, two and a half hours after they got out of school, they walk towards the chair lift.

Postcard perfect conditions.
Soooo lucky to live in the most beautiful region on earth.

I waited for 20 minutes to get a shot of them descending, then went to the lodge for a BLT and a chance to read my book. (See above.) I was so in my happy zone.

They closed the lodge at 7, so I packed up my things and wandered over to the truck. I got all cozy, pulled out my book again and fell asleep. The setting sun woke me up 45 minutes later:

An orange fire ball shining in my eyes.
Can't think of a nicer way to be awokened.

The mountain closed at 8:00 and my kids were the last ones down.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Seasons
2. Those black stretchy dollar-store gloves in my purse.
3. Laughter


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