Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tagged and Bagged

  • I can't get rid of this dot. So let's pretend I intentionally placed it here.
Starting again:

Except, technically, I wasn't really tagged. Although, sortof I was, because she DID mention me in her post...
So here's the deal.
Take a pic of the contents of your purse and blog about it.

My purse.
Was a birthday gift from Denise, given to me about 5 years ago? I can't remember. A long time ago. She used to work at the Liz Clairborne store and that's where she got it from.

It looks like my purse has the stomach flu and vomited it's contents all over my kitchen table.

Yeah, I don't believe in littering.
And it WAS Easter, so don't judge me about those wrappers.
(See how honest and transparent I am on this blog? I COULD have excluded those from the photo, but I sure didn't.)

When I travel I use this purse (as opposed to all the other purses I don't own) as a camera bag. I put each lens in a thick athletic sock and my accessories in the little zipped side pocket and carry my camera in my left hand and away we go.

 Isn't this all just too fascinating?

A few weeks ago, Sandra bought me a wallet when she saw I was using a ziplock sandwich bag to hold all my cards:

How come I have so many? How many do you have?

I'm a little embarrassed.
This is what other bloggers are blogging:

This is what my friend, Andrea's purse looked like the night after our book club meeting. She is the one who mentioned my ziplock baggie in her post.
She admitted this was an exceptional night for her purse. It normally looks more like this:

I know.
Don't even bother making the comparison.
Her mother raised her better than mine did me.

Andrea's sister, Kathy's purse, looks like this:

I tell ya, good parenting is so evident here.

Kathy's friend, the one who tagged her, has this in her purse:

And September, a private blogger friend of mine, played along too. She is an accounting/managerial type of person:

She has two of the exact same purse because they were on sale and the black one matches her black leather jackets and the brown one - her brown leather jackets.

If you read the other blogs, they itemize the contents in addition to photographing them.
If you're still with me on this post - congratulations for making it this far. Your reward is you get to read a list:

  • An old pair of reading glasses. The type with no frame. I bought them back when I was in denial that I needed them and I thought if I got tiny lenses with no frames, no one would be able to see them on my face.
  • Cell phone
  • (By the way, as I type this, I'm returning it all back into my purse, one item at a time, neatly.)
  • Package of tissue, along with handcream (also gifts from Sandra who is clearly worried about my lack of female tendencies.)
  • Lexar 8 GB Memory Card
  • SanDish 4 GB Memory Card
  • Prescription sleeping pills and brand new toothbrush in case I am unexpectedly invited to stay at someone's house for night. 
  • 4 ballpoint blue-inked pens, 1 blackPilot Fineline Marker, one mechanical pencil and one "normal" pencil with happy faces all over it. You never know when you're going to write a grade 12 provincial exam. Best to be ready with an assortment of writing instruments.
  • A small plastic case with a computer card in it that says MicroSD Adapter. I have no idea what this is for. But I will keep it in my purse for another 5 years.
  • 4 Brand new packages of Blue Stride gum and one package of "5" Cobalt gum for when Drew doesn't brush his teeth. (This seems excessive, doesn't it?) 
  • 3 mints, individually wrapped. From a restaurant. For when Drew...
  • Dollar-store black stretchy gloves for when hell freezes over and I get cold hands.
  • One individually wrapped sani-wipe.
  • A plastic baggie with another one of those MicroSD Adapters in a plastic case and a set of ear buds. (?) For my cell phone? Cool.
  • Seven pages of printed off instructions re: applying for a passport renewal. I will throw these away. (Can I say something here? I sat at the Canada Services office this afternoon for almost two hours, (Drew waited in the truck) only to be told that Max filled out the wrong form. She admitted it is a silly thing - the info requested is the exact same on both forms, but because this is his FIRST adult passport application, he needs to start over. Grrrrrrr.)
  • 8 Lectio Divina bookmarks, printed by Arrow. Yep. Can't think of why I tote them around with me. Hand them to a would-be mugger and suggest he read the Bible slowly, like they did in the olden days, and here? Here are 5 steps to help you ...? Hand them out to friends as parting gifts after we've met for coffee? Just shoot me.
  • Receipts for: Jan 22 parking at the doctor's office. Feb 15 parking at the hospital. Apr 2 Dinner at White Spot. Apr 6 Passport application fee. Apr 5 Costco receipt for 8 GB flashdrive. (Can I say something here? I tried for 2 hours on Monday afternoon to download pics from my camera, from a burned DVD and from a memory stick onto the computers at Costco so that I could get 200 pics printed. They told me I must have a virus, or that I didn't burn the DVD properly.  (They always tell me I have a virus. Or that I don't know how to burn DVD's.) I took my DVD over to the computer department and they uploaded it onto one for the laptops they have for sale, and then tried to transfer them onto a memory stick and everything froze.) SO. I bought a flash drive (first one ever) and I'm going to try again. On a different day. I have wasted too much time (4 hours if you do the math) trying to move forward with items on MY LIST and not being able to check them off. But now I have a sleek 8 GB flash drive in my purse too. Know what? I'm going to England this summer. And I want to do things THERE. SO I was not going to spend money buying things HERE this spring. And here I go again. But things keep breaking. Or not doing what they're supposed to.)
  • End of rant.
  • That won't happen again. At least not on this list.
  • A Vancouver 2010 umbrella. 
  • Cheque book for when my sister does my hair. I think she's the only one I write cheques to. 
  • My list-keeper book/journal.
  • Wrappers and bottle caps.
  • $75 in Cdn bills
  • $20 USA bill
  • Key to the cabin
  • $12 in Toonies, Loonies and quarters
  • And cards. Oh my goodness, the cards:
  1. Visa, Bank Card
  2. Driver's License, My Care Card, Drew's Care Card, SIN Card, Extended Medical Card, Group (Health) Insurance Plan Card,
  3. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate
  4. Air Miles, Safeway Club Card, Save On Club Card, IGA Club Card
  5. BCAA card, Costco Card, HBC Rewards Card, Shoppers Optimum Rewards Card, Esso Rewards Card, Office Depot Rewards Card, Rogers Video Club Card, Priority Club Rewards Card, Venture One Card, Library Card, 
  6. Gift Cards: Ticketmaster, Milsean, Best Buy, Starbucks, White Spot, Blockbuster, Below the Belt, IGA, Art├Ęs Nursery, White Spot
  7. Customer Cards (Frequent Shopper): Carlton Cards (2) Hallmark Cards (5) Dry Cleaners (2) Black Bond Books, Blessings - Cards (8), Clipper Street (4) (I keep "forgetting" to bring my purse in with me when I shop, so I get the cashier to start another card for me.) 
  8. Plus and assortment of business cards (including mine.)
All tolled, I have 66 cards in my purse/wallet. And usually? When I go shopping? I put my Visa and Driver's License in my back pocket and lock the rest in my truck. 
It's alarmed.
It's all good.

So, I'm tagging Tricia and her girls. What do you have in your purses?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Clint is getting my lawnmower looked at.
2. Max dropped by and stayed for supper. And put the screen back on my window. Last night at 3 am I was still awake, convinced that a rat was going to come through my window. They only need a one inch opening. And Something is partying in my attic...
3. April is going to be a fabulous month, I just know it...



Trev said...

I love how you just ran with the "dot" thing. I'd be way too uptight to handle that. You're my blog hero!

Anonymous said...

I always feel like I've won the lottery when I see my name on your blog! Also, maybe if I won the lottery I could better compare the two...
And I'm not even going to LECTURE YOU ABOUT NOT CARRYING SIN CARDS AND BIRTH CERTIFICATES AROUND since you probably only had them out for passports, AM I RIGHT? I BETTER BE RIGHT.
Love September

Anonymous said...

I'm uptight about it because those things are easily used to get credit reports, credit cards, apply for fraudulent government benefits or passports etc - basically steal your identity so unless I'm going to need them, SIN cards, birth certs, marriage certs, (divorce cert now for me) stays locked up with my passport.

If your wallet was ever stolen, those would be key pieces of ID you wouldn't want to have been carrying around unless you regularly have to use them.

You are an adult and you can do as you please though. Just tellin' ya cuz I care.