Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What was I thinking?

That's it.
No more books, other than this month's book club selection.
I am getting lost in stories lately.
Last night, after Glee, I spent hours in Oklahoma, wondering what happened the night Gaylene was murdered.
And who fathered Nicky Jack?

I had recently watched Where the Heart Is (for the second or third time) (that's the story about the pregnant girl who lived in Walmart) and realized I really loved the way that story wandered all over the place.
So the last time I was at the used book store, I picked up this book, writ by the same writter. And even if it wasn't - I would have got it anyways because I love the cover and I'm superficial that way.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Looks like it's going to be a dern good day to have the boys here to do some yard work after supper. Fingers crossed that they'll all come. Fingers crossed that we'll get some things done.
2. Fresh strawberries for breakfast that had been sprinkled with sugar and lemon juice overnight.
3. It's about 100 days til we leave for England. Seems as good a time as any to get going on another item on my list. Let's see if I can go 100 consecutive days without chocolate, shall we? So far I've gone 9 hours into my first day without even a craving. I'm hopeful.



Anonymous said...

We watched Where The Heart Is recently (for the third or fourth time)as well! I love the characters although I and my daughters feel inexplicably uncomfortable with the name "Forny".
I digress.
The question is, how did you like the book? Did it have a similar cast of quirky characters?


Jane said...

Yes. I liked it. I stayed up til 4 to finish it.
Sigh. I really shouldn't do that on work nights.

Anonymous said...

How can you do that.? must genetically different than me....into bed before 11pm or else I can't funtion the next day...ROSE

valerie said...

I stopped reading at 100 days before England and panicked!!!!!

Christine Lindsay said...

Gobetrotting againm eh? So that was a good book, eh?